Mercury Retrograde Is Coming - Here's What to Expect

Hello to all you Goddesses and welcome to my first blog post! 

I've been working hard on my new ranges that I'm about to launch as well as my new website! 

I wanted to get the site live before the 31st of October because... well... Mercury. 

No idea what I'm talking about?

The long story short? This is me when Mercury retrogrades: 


The slightly longer story? Well... let's start at the beginning. (And don't worry, I will give you some advice to get through this period!) 

What is Mercury Retrograde? 

Mercury is closer to the sun. So it takes the earth 365 days to orbit the sun, whereas it takes Mercury only 59 days.

But Mercury doesn't actually retrograde! It forms an illusion that it is moving backwards when it actually isn't. 

So imagine that you're in a car and you speed past another car. The illusion may be that the other car is going backwards, but it's not. 

Astrologically speaking - when a planet is in retrograde, it's like it is taking a little nap. So we don't have its energy to work with. 

Why Does it Cause Chaos? 

Well, Mercury rules ALL types of communication - verbal and written. So think about how much communication goes into your work every day. Communication with friends, family and colleagues. 

So without the energy of Mercury, we can say the wrong thing. We don't seem to understand and perhaps we fight more. 

It is also the ruler of technology. So I notice that my website will break, I will lose some important documents - basically, things go a bit cray! 

My Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips: 

  • Don't sign a new contract and if you have to, get a professional eye to go over it 
  • Don't make any big technology purchases such as TVs, phones etc. 
  • Double-check ALL your work and work emails to make sure you're sending it to the right person with the right attachment!
  • Double-check travel plans 
  • Be patient with your technology and make sure you have a back up!
  • SLOW DOWN! You may feel really scattered in MR. So make sure you have an act of self-care factored into every day. Give yourself the gift of saying no or cancelling plans if you need to. 
  • Breathe and laugh through it 
  • You may run into people from the past (like an ex!). Use this as an opportunity to see that it may have revealed something you need to release from the past. 

You got this! 



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